Suffering an injury can be traumatic, costly, and time consuming. An injury not only affects you, but affects your family, friends, job and livelihood. From not being able to perform your daily activities, paying for medical bills to compensating for lost wages while seeking recovery, it is a stressful time that requires an advocate you can trust to evaluate your case and fiercely fight for justice. 

At Espili Law firm, we work with you to guide you through your rights and options for the most effective and efficient outcome. That is why at we offer free consultation of your case and take all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no fees unless you recover damages; relieving the client of any additional financial strains.

Please contact us for a free consultation regarding the following:

► Motor Vehicle Accidents

► Catastrophic Injury

► Construction Accident

► Pedestrian Injury

► Premises Liability

► Products Liability

► Workplace Accidents

► Wrongful Death

► Other