While attorney services can be costly, they are necessary and vital at times. At Espili Law Firm, we understand the financial strain obtaining counsel can put on clients, that is why we offer various fee arrangements. Depending on the case, a variety of options may be available as listed below.

Please contact Espili Law Firm for a free comprehensive evaluation to determine which fee arrangements are available for your case.

Contingency Fee Arrangements.  A contingency fee is an agreement in which the client only pays attorney’s fees if the case is successful. In this agreement, the client is only responsible for certain litigation fees and the attorney accepts payment in the form of a fixed percentage of the amount recovered. If the case is not ruled in client’s favor, there are no attorney fees.

This type of arrangement is often used when money is being claimed, such as Personal Injury.

Blended or Hybrid Rates. A blended or hybrid rate is a cost effective alternative to straight billable hours, where the client agrees to pay a fixed rate per hour of attorney work, which can be significant in many cases.

In a blended or hybrid agreement case, the billable hours are substantially reduced and in turn, the attorney receives a fixed percentage only if the case is successful.

Fixed Fee Engagements. Many of our services are subject to fixed fees. This means you pay an agreed upon flat fee for the services. This type of agreement is beneficial to the client as opposed to billing by the hour, as that can add up to a much higher amount.

Please see below for our fixed price services:

► Business Registration: $300 + government fees

► Basic Contract Review and Drafting: $250

► Demand Letters: $150

► Trademarks: $300 + Government fees



Trademark Search & Registration Package


Plus Government Fees

► Federal and State Trademark Search

► Common Law Trademark Search

► Attorney Consultation Time

► Drafting and Filing of Trademark Application

► Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions

► Sending Registration Certificate


Espili Law provides payment options through LawPay where clients may conveniently pay an invoice and/or replenish their retainer online with a credit card. LawPay is a safe and secure credit card portal designed specifically for lawyers. Through LawPay, clients can easily pay with a credit card from the comfort of their home, office or other location.